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M By MickieAbout Mickie

About Mickie

M by Mickie

Mickie is a professionally trained freelance make-up artist who studied in Los Angeles. She is privileged to learn celebrity make-up tips and tricks from many renowned make-up artists in the movie industry. Mickie has been specially trained in all types of make-up applications, from on-camera  to in-person. She uses the highest quality HD (high definition) make-up available. It’s nothing less than movie star quality (Mickie’s foundation make-up alone cost $400) it’s designed and formulated to produce flawless photography but also looks amazing in person. She holds three make-up certificates and is established as an accomplished artist among her peers. Mickie is constantly researching and learning about the latest trends in make-up. She sincerely loves what she does and it is very apparent to her clients.

Mickie Talks

M by Mickie is honored to be on the Yosemite National Park’s distinguished list of vendors. As a local resident to the Yosemite area we have provided on-location make-up and hair services for weddings at all of the major Yosemite hotels, including many other fine establishments throughout California.

Your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life. Your face and your make-up should be just as important as your wedding gown. Pictures last a lifetime, impressions last forever. On your big day all eyes are going to be on you. It's the first time your husband will see you so why not look like you at your most beautiful? With the unique on-location services that we provide, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy being pampered and beautified. It's the perfect occasion to book a professional make-up artist. We look forward to complimenting your special day.

Trial Session

The trial session is a day created for the bride to meet the make-up artist. It takes place prior to the wedding day. This special one-on-one attention allows the bride and artist to together design and create an original make-up and hair style look. It’s a perfect time for the bride to test out different make-up and hair looks that she has been considering. It’s also a time to lock in her perfect look for the wedding. So come the big day she will feel confident and know exactly what to expect.

M by Mickie  

M by Mickie


M by Mickie

M by Mickie

M by Mickie


"I love your work and think you are the best stylist in the Valley by far."
Laura K.  
Fresno, CA


“Mickie did an awesome job. I felt completely relaxed and very comfortable with her doing my makeup. She was very professional and showed me a few tips. If you want to look and feel beautiful book M by Mickie.”
Marnie G.    
Tollhouse, CA


“Mickie was fabulous! She was pleasant, cheerful, and very talented. She made me feel comfortable and the love she has for her job was immediately evident. She isn't doing this solely to make a living, but because she genuinely enjoys doing it.

She did a wonderful job on my make-up and it lasted the entire day, through our morning ceremony and evening reception. I also learned the joys of false lashes and other make-up tips from her.

I’d received so many compliments from strangers on the day of, telling me how beautiful I looked, and the photos all turned out amazing! I look like a model in them!
I would highly recommend M by Mickie for wedding make-up, but I can see how she can translate her skills to any type of make-up work.

Thanks again, Mickie, for helping make our big day flawless!”
Runa M.  

“Mickie did a lovely job on my hair and makeup for my wedding. She is very easy to work with and very professional. Mickie knew what would look good on camera, and my makeup lasted all day. I would confidently recommend Mickie for anyone's special occasion or photo session.”
Brandi F. 
Fresno, CA


“Mickie did my make-up on July 5th, 2008 for my wedding. She drove an hour and a half to meet me near the location of the wedding. She did a beautiful job, and I looked the way I had always hoped on my wedding day. I am very particular about my make-up. I rarely wear much make-up and am always wary that it will look unnatural. Mickie accentuated my features without using too much make-up that would make me feel uncomfortable.”
Danielle S.  
Auberry, CA

“Holy crap I wish I could have brought Mickie home with me! My hair and makeup was perfect, and I was telling my husband on the drive home today, that was literally the most beautiful I've ever felt!

My very intimate wedding in Bass Lake was planned very last minute and up until about 10 days before I had intended to do my own hair and makeup. I obviously changed my mind and was able to book Mickie because her own anniversary plans had just fallen through...thank you wedding gods for smiling upon me!

When I spoke to her on the phone, I immediately feel in love. She was fun and sweet, and I could immediately tell she was a professional. Mickie was asking questions to get an idea of what I was going for, since I was coming in from out of town and we wouldn't be able to do a trial session, and WOW, she nailed it!

The morning of the wedding she showed up at our cabin right on time, full makeup kit in tow. She got set up quickly and we started moving along. We got my hair in curlers and moved on to my makeup. She mixed my face makeup so it was an absolute perfect match to my skin color and blended my face perfectly into my much more tan chest. I wanted natural looking makeup, and I couldn't believe that the amount of makeup I needed to cover my pre-wedding stress blemishes could look natural, but it did so I can only assume that the M in M by Mickie must stand for magician.

My hair was also exactly what I wanted and held perfectly all day. There wasn't a hair out of place or a loose bobby pin despite the adventure I took my hair on in Yosemite!
Mickie is truly an artist and you can tell she loves what she does. She made my morning so wonderful. We really hit it off so we spent the entire two hours chatting and laughing. Mickie really made me feel like she was as excited about my day as I was, and that made the whole experience even better. Her personality and kindness just radiates and my family that met her was equally impressed with her presence.

My only regret was not getting a picture with her! Thank you Mickie, a million times thank you!”  
Jessica M.      
Azusa, CA

"I haven't seen my pictures yet but I know that I looked great in person and even my hyper critical father liked the makeup and hair.

I didn't break the bank which was important since I had planned to do my own hair and makeup.
Mickie's husband came with her and he had nice energy.

Mickie and her husband seemed like nice people and I felt good giving them my business.
Mickie was very helpful answering my questions and being available leading up to the event.
Mickie did a good job with my curly crazy hair finding a look that would be romantic and controlled.

Mickie kept my look appropriate but also gave me some unique touches to fit my personality. She was very good about giving suggestions and you should take her suggestions she does know what she is doing.

She talked me through my decisions and explained her thinking.
She listened to me.

I went to the Brace Bridge dinner (Ahwahnee Hotel) after my wedding and I am sure I was the poorest girl at the ball but I felt my makeup was among the best in the room.

She made me feel good about myself. she is very nice. Mickie was exactly what I needed and if I were going to have pictures taken in the future I would hire her again."
San Francisco, CA

"Absolutely perfect.
Mickie did the make-up for my bridal party.  She really knew what to do to make me beautiful on my special day.  I was hesitant at first to wear more make-up that I am used to (normally very light), but Mickie convinced me that for wedding photos a different treatment was needed.  I really looked the best that I could - so did my mother and bridesmaids.

Mickie is a real gem and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone getting marred in the Yosemite area. "
Karen C.                                      
London, UK

“So I have never met a more loving and professional makeup artist than Mickie. I was doing a boudoir shoot this December and I just knew that I needed a makeup and hair professional. I had never met Mickie, but my photographer told me she was the best. So I show up on the day of the shoot completely nervous! I had never done this type of shoot before. She started with my hair, and we laughed and talked the whole time! Then she worked on my makeup. She literally made sure that I looked perfect! She took out many different types of makeup and would mix up lipsticks just to make sure that the lipstick matched my skin tone and made me look gorgeous! When she showed my face down in the mirror it actually scared me of how beautiful I looked! The photo shoot wasn't any different either! We had so much fun and it made my confidence go through the roof! If it weren't for Mickie, I wouldn't have had such a memorable experience. I literally can't thank her enough!”                                                    
Taylor T. 
Oakhurst, CA

"Mickie, some of the sparkliest diamonds come out of small towns!!!! Your gorgeous smile is engraved in my heart!"
Kandee J.  
Los Angeles, CA

“THANKS a million for your support at the wedding. Thank you for your kind attentiveness to myself and the bride to make us up all pretty for the special day, because of people like you the wedding was a huge success. Thanks to your expertise my make-up looked great. Shout out to Mickie! hugs.”
Catherine N.  
Oakhurst, CA

“I Love Mickie. She is such a great make up artist. She’s very personable, flexible, and very professional. I highly recommend Mickie due to her being all you could ask for in a artist. she’s nice, and lets you decide what you want. she’s also extremely energetic, in her personality, and in her work. she makes you feel like a princess; that you are the most important person in the world. Mickie is just great. Great in every aspect. she’s fabulous. Not to mention beautiful from H2T(Head to toe). I highly recommend her services.”
Steven N.
Mariposa, CA

“Mickie's makeup expertise gave my girlfriend the confidence to do many other (professional photo) shoots and events since then. Although my girlfriend always looks beautiful, if I had to choose, I feel that Mickie does the best with her makeup. Mickie's passion shows through her clients and she is damn good at what she does. How can you ask for better?”
Derrick C.  
Oakhurst, CA 

“If you want to look your very best for your special day, go no further than M By Mickie!  She is amazing at what she does!  You will look stunning when she is finished with you! Planning your Wedding, give M By Mickie a call and let her perform her magic on you!  You will not be disappointed!!”
Candice M. (owner of Captured by Candice photography)
Fresno, CA

"My boyfriend and I had “M by Mickie” do our makeup for a Halloween party. Mickie did a great job on both of us. We loved the way our makeup turned out and everyone at the party really liked it. They actually thought that my boyfriend was one of the actors from the movie, they loved it. They took pictures of him and kept asking who did his make up. We loved  all the attention and were a big hit at the party. They all wanted Mickie’s business card."
Stevie A.
Wawona, CA


“I really can't thank you enough for trying to work with me on my budget. I think that unselfishness is not found enough in the world that we live in now! Thanks again for your help and cooperation for me! I would gladly refer you to my friends for such amazing service. 

Erin R.


“It was very nice to meet you Mickie. You are a very nice person, John and I could tell that you really take great care of your clients that you work with and the quality of your work is outstanding!”
M & J
San francisco, CA


“She does great work.”
Darla C.
Madera, CA


“Mickie is so masterful at what she does.”
M by Mickie, private client


"I've never been so sad to wash my face!!!"
M by Mickie, private client


"I didn't know I could be beautiful like this."
M by Mickie, private client


"Unlike everyone else, your (Mickie’s) make-up is memorable!"
M by Mickie, private client


"You always give so much of yourself, your friendly- very personable."
M by Mickie, private client


M by Mickie

M by Mickie


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